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GOLD Velvet Motion Wedding and Function


Be the talk of the town!
Be the envy of all your friends.
Be unique, be special.
Treat yourself.

We have a portfolio of niche venues and fantastic, professional and experienced service providers. We mix this magically together and then present you with all-inclusive packages that will ensure memorable, magical and unique experiences, whether as a dream wedding, a special family or friendly get-together, or as a not-so-boring corporate function.


Please take a look at the diverse range of venues below.

Do you dream of a royal wedding? 

Through the centuries class, charm, and royalty have been synonymous with these majestic animals.

Enjoy the beauty of an Arabian Stud Farm, an assortment of unique spaces, unparalleled photo opportunities, and all the bells and whistles that go with a royal affair.

Forest, Family, Accommodation

Little Forest

Do you need lots of accommodation for family and friends? Would you like to enjoy a whole weekend together? How about a fairy tale wedding in a charming forest?

You can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too! You can invite up to 140 guests to stay over while you enjoy being the princess in your own fairy tale.

Class, Charm, Horses

Strydom Arabian Stud Farm

If a romantic look and feel for your wedding day is high on your priority list, this is definitely the venue for you.  The make it unique, there is a touch of Bohemian flair.

Beautiful chapel, fairy garden walkway, romantic garden for outside receptions or huge hall for inside, unique island chapel, etc.  Share your romance with friends and family at this very special venue. 

Budget Beautiful

Ouwerf Plaasstal

If your budget is smaller than your dreams, you don't need to forget about a festive wedding day.  

This venue is famous for relaxed, friendly service and great food - everything that makes the platteland great. We shall surprise you with what you can get on a tight budget, so don't put you wedding date off any further because of budget!

Romantic Bohemian

Casablanca Manor

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